Choosing whether or not to archive is a no-brainer—archiving is a must for most organizations. Determining whether or not to implement an in-house archiving system or outsource the task to a SaaS provider is a bit more complicated. There are a variety of factors to consider before making a choice, as every organization has different goals to meet and resources available to them.

Before you make a decision about whether to implement an in-house email archive system or go with a managed service, you should evaluate your company’s needs to determine:

  1. Your goals
  2. Your budget
  3. What regulations and other compliance requirements you must meetemail archive
  4. Whether or not you have internal IT expertise readily available to implement and manage an in-house system (including regular upgrades and troubleshooting)
  5. storage requirements
  6. The need for a disaster recovery solution
  7. The need for a business continuity solution
  8. Time constraints on implementing a solution and how quickly you need it in place
  9. Whether your budget will support regular upgrades, maintenance, extra storage, etc.
  10. Your total cost of ownership for an in-house email archive solution

Once you have a firm grasp of what you need and what your budget and resources can support, the decision is much easier. Get informed about what to look for in an email archive solution.

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