6 Sure-fire Ways to Increase Mobile Security

mobile security

Mobile threats have risen by more than eight times over the past five years, with a sharp increase in 2010. After some 200,000 users downloaded infected mobile apps from the official app store Android Market, Google pulled more than 50 infected programs from the Market.

In an effort to protect information on mobile devices, IT managers are increasingly becoming aware of the need to not only apply security policies for smartphones and tablets, but educate users on mobile security. Here are six sure-fire ways to increase the security of your mobile devices:

1.       contain smartphone VPN access;

2.       control the installation of third-party and unsigned apps;

3.       establish screen lock password policies;

4.       set up lost device procedures;

5.       evaluate smartphone anti-virus products; and

6.       enroll users in InfoSight-U’s online security awareness training

What has your organization done to increase mobile security? Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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