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Social Media: Why IT Pros should use it

You’ve probably said it yourself, “Social media is all about people who want to talk about themselves.” Although Social Media sites can be a way for some people to deliver trivial information, it can also be an incredibly valuable professional tool. For those IT pros who still aren’t sold on the benefits of Social Media sites, here are a few reasons why they can be very worthwhile:

  • Immediacy. Breaking news related to IT and other news hits feeds like Twitter before it posts almost anywhere else.
  • Centralization. By connecting with just a few people and organizations on social media sites, you can, in a single place, track activities that are important to you. For example just from today…
  • Specific use case — troubleshooting, alerts & product information. If you need to get immediate answers to a network problem, an IT security issue, or you need unbiased information about a technology purchase, you can send a question to your network. Many IT professionals in your network who have had experience with these things often immediately respond to your post with relevant information. They also often offer their email addresses so you can continue the conversation and get the details you need to make a good decision.
  • Networking. The professionals you’ll meet on social media sites are there for the same business reasons you are. Their insights and knowledge can be invaluable, as can your contribution to the tech community. Many reach out to others when they need something proving social media sites can be an invaluable networking tool.
  • Continuing education – Get real-time announcements about free webinars and educational events that are industry specific. (As an advertisement, check out InfoSight’s free webinars and training offerings)
  • Compliance Resources – Know what new regulations are coming down the pipeline.

Social Media sites can provide some “fun” stuff, too – an often welcome break from the normal grind. Check out badbanana and overlandparker, both on Twitter. It’s kind of nice to see a joke or two interspersed between news about the latest Trojan alert and stock news from infosec sites.


Although many people still have the perception that social networking is nothing more than a way for celebrities to boost their egos, it can be a particularly valuable professional tool. That’s why more and more IT professionals are joining the social media ranks.

What do you think? What’s your experience? What benefits do you receive from your involvement in social media sites?

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