Selection Criteria for Database Archiving Products

Database archiving is gaining traction as a technology that can significantly improve application performance and reduce storage costs. It is also being used as part of application decommissioning projects to preserve and enable access to associated older data.

Key Findings

  • Database archiving products can offer good infrastructure cost reduction when implemented to manage application data growth.
  • Database archiving products can be used to transparently access aging data by offering support for application business logic and by treating archived data in the context of business objects.
  • Initially, deployments of database archiving products focused on application performance and storage optimization; more-recent uses include application retirement/decommissioning.


  • Look for database archiving products that support the breadth of applications within your organization, inclusive of support for custom applications.
  • Evaluate archiving products’ repository options, including alternate database and compressed file formats, and align them with your strategy for physical storage.
  • Determine the requirements for policy enforcement and access to archived data, and perform user acceptance testing.

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