Partnership Will Focus on Offering Mobile Banking and Mobile Marketing Solutions to Financial Institutions

Bank Companion, a leading provider of mobile banking software to banks, community banks and credit unions around the world today announced its partnership with Infosight, Inc. a leading provider of IT infrastructure, security and compliance solutions for financial institutions.

Research shows that an increasing number of financial institutions have made mobile banking as one of their top priorities. An Accenture Survey shows that banks can achieve an ROI as high as 300% when they enable their customers with new technologies such as mobile banking and mobile marketing. Yet financial institutions are barely scratching the surface of mobile banking because they need help orchestrating and understanding the full potential of mobile. The Bank Companion/InfoSight Partnership has been formed to help these institutions not only implement mobile banking but to leverage mobile marketing for greater revenues and profitability.

Commenting on the Partnership, Infosight President & CEO Tom Garcia stated:

“More and more people are turning to the convenience of mobile devices for their financial service needs, fueled in part by the adoption of smartphones and tablets such as the Apple iPad. The question now becomes how to generate ROI from mobile banking and what types of services to deploy. Based on consumer behavior, mobile marketing can transform mobile banking into a dynamic sales and communications channel with the ability to not only enhance customer loyalty but to also up-sell and cross-sell financial products and services.”

About Bank Companion
Bank Companion is an industry-leading mobile banking software platform that enables banks, community banks and credit unions to provide their customers with 24/7, anytime anywhere banking. Bank Companion gives financial institutions a competitive edge by integrating state-of-the-art technology with a host of innovative mobile marketing and advertising features. The result is a secure and scalable platform that helps your organization to increase loyalty, acquire new customers, cross-sell products plus much more. Visit us at:

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InfoSight, Inc. offers proven and affordable Managed IT Infrastructure, IT Security and Compliance services that protect and optimize how an organization’s critical information is processed, managed and stored. For more than 10 years, InfoSight has served organizations nationwide minimizing risk exposure and providing the highest levels of security assurance and IT regulatory compliance. Among the first in the industry to offer Managed Services, InfoSight’s offerings fit into any budget with minimal upfront cost or capital outlay and can be installed in-house or as a complete Managed Services offering. For more information, visit us at: