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A cybersecurity Incident Response Plan provides organizations with practical guidance and critical considerations in preparing for a cyber incident. A cybersecurity Incident Response Plan (IRP) enables an organization to take swift, effective action to minimize damage on all levels. It's crucial for organizations to protect themselves against cyber threats and recover quickly in case of a security breach.

The Challenge

With AI -assisted Social Engineering attacks, and new Deep Fakes almost impossible to detect, it's not a matter of if you'll have an incident, just when. There is also a call for the government to outlaw ransomware payments, what then?! If it becomes a crime to pay to get your data back, you'd better have a solid Incident Response Plan (IRP). The key is to become Cyberresllient, where responding to an attack is swift and effective yet collateral damage is limited. However, achieving the goal with limited resources and budget is the challenge.

How We Solve It

InfoSight's 18-step methodology helps organizations identify, assess, and quantify risks to create an IRP that is truly effective. From Risk Analysis and 3rd party collaboration to testing and maintenance, our approach is comprehensive. Our staff collaborates with your team to create an IRP that is unique to your organization.

The Outcome

InfoSight's cybersecurity Incident Response Planning & Management will ensure your organization is truly Cyberresllient and your data is protected. We'll help you create cyberresiliency through an ongoing process that helps you assess cybersecurity posture routinely to adapt to emerging threats to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Key Services

Reduce Costs by Maximizing IT Budget & Strategic Planning

Provide Independent Oversight of IT Security Controls

Perform Annual IT Security Risk Assessments

Leverage the Most Current Threat Mitigation Strategies

Assist in Security Process Development & Incident Response Planning

Provide Recommendations & Reporting

Enhance & Integrate IT/InfoSec Policies & Procedures

Why InfoSight?

24x7x365 US-based SOC/NOC

25+ years Regulatory Compliance experience (GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, NERC, AWIA, etc.)

SOC 2 Certified

Offering comprehensive cybersecurity Awareness Training Solutions

Managed Services for On-premise Data center, Cloud and Hybrid environments

Flexible pricing models that can be 24x7, 8x5, OR off-peak 7pm to 7am only coverage

MSP & MSSP Solutions for both IT & OT ICS environments

Certified Experts (CISSP, CISA, CEH, OSCP, AWS, AWWA, etc.)

Virtual ISO Programs that bridge the communication gap between IT and OT networks

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