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Cybersecurity for Municipalities!

We understand Government agencies deliver public services 24x7, and defending against bad actors every day can be a big challenge. We also recognize that limited budgets and complex purchasing processes can create long lead times to implementation that adds to the challenge. At InfoSight we provide Cybersecurity and Risk Management solutions that are enterprise-class for both IT and OT networks.

  • We help Municipalities generate more revenue by enhancing public trust and engagement by securing online services such as tax payments, permits, public records access and more, leading to higher usage. Securing digital platforms attracts more users and can lead to the development of new revenue streams, such as e-commerce portals for local businesses and digital tourism initiatives.

  • We also help Municipalities to reduce expense by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems, avoiding the costly aftermath of cyberattacks, such as data breaches or ransomware attacks. Streamlining operations and automating routine security tasks reduces the need for extensive manual oversight, lowering labor costs allowing for more efficient resource allocation avoiding waste and redundancy.

  • Additionally, we help Municipalities to reduce risk by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems to avoid the high costs associated with cyberattacks, such as online services downtime, data breaches, and ransomware costs.

We Provide

SIEM Solutions

Penetration Testing

cybersecurity Awareness Training

IT Audits

Cyber Risk Assessments

Data Loss Prevention

Regulatory Compliance Reviews

24x7x365 Managed Security and Monitoring

Cloud Migration and Management

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