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Entertainment doesn't need to be a Cyber drama…

High-profile cyber attacks on the entertainment industry have led to some very public and embarrassing data exposure. Entertainment-related organizations need to ensure they have the security controls and monitoring in place to detect and prevent cyber attacks. It's also of paramount importance that employees understand how to spot social engineering campaigns designed to compromise network credentials and gain unauthorized access. The fact is, no organization is immune to cyberattack, but a proactive all-encompassing strategy can mitigate these cyber attacks before they impact the bottom line. InfoSight's Cybersecurity Assessments and 24x7 Threat Monitoring can reduce the risk of a successful cyberattack. Let us show how to reduce your attack surface today!

  • We help the Entertainment Industry generate more revenue by protecting Intellectual Property (IP). Implementing DRM (Digital Rights Management) and other security measures prevent unauthorized access and distribution of digital content, creators and distributors can monetize their content effectively and securely. By securing streaming platforms, entertainment businesses maintain subscriber trust and grow their user base, leading to increased subscription and ad revenues. Securing virtual events, live streams, and online concerts helps in generating revenue from ticket sales, merchandise, and digital experiences.

  • We also help the Entertainment Industry to reduce expense by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems, avoiding the costly aftermath of cyberattacks and breaches. Streamlining operations and automating routine security tasks reduces the need for extensive manual oversight, lowering labor costs allowing for more efficient resource allocation avoiding waste and redundancy.

  • Additionally, we help the Entertainment Industry to reduce risk by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems to avoid the high costs associated with cyberattacks, such as production downtime, data breaches, and ransomware Incident Response and Recovery.

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