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With cyber attacks on the rise, CISOs are facing more pressure than ever to protect both IT and OT networks. Also, with added pressure to keep the line running, it is imperative for SCADA and ICS networks be resilient to cyberattack! Our solutions make organizations “Cyberresllient”, where responding to an attack is swift and collateral damage is minimal.

  • We help Manufacturing companies generate more revenue by enhancing Operational Efficiency and Innovation. We ensure security integration between the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, enabling manufacturers to optimize operations, increase productivity, and introduce innovative products and services. We also help protect intellectual property (IP) from cyber theft ensuring that manufacturers can capitalize on their innovations without the risk of losing competitive advantage to competitors or counterfeiters.

  • We also help Manufacturing companies to reduce expense by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems, avoiding the costly aftermath of cyberattacks and breaches. Streamlining operations and automating routine security tasks reduces the need for extensive manual oversight, lowering labor costs allowing for more efficient resource allocation avoiding waste and redundancy.

  • Additionally, we help Manufacturing companies to reduce risk by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems to avoid the high costs associated with cyberattacks, such as production downtime, data breaches, and ransomware Incident Response and Recovery.

We Provide

SCADA & ICS Vulnerability Asessments

Disaster Recovery Planning

Social Engineering

Security Compliances, Policy & Procedure Updates

Industrial Control & IoT Services Security Compliances

Risk Management

24x7x365 Managed Security Services & SEIM

Employee Security Awareness Training

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