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Microsoft 365 (M365) is hands down the most common set of cloud-based business applications used by most organizations, and this makes it a primary target for attackers. M365 security presents several challenges that organizations need to address to protect their data, because although cloud providers have robust security measures, misconfigurations or weak access controls can be exploited by bad actors. M365 security is a shared responsibility model with default configurations set in favor of open, collaborative working, but secure configuration remains the customer's responsibility.

The Challenge

Applications have become a prime target for cybercriminals because of the data stored within them. Weaknesses and flaws in an application's source code or APIs can result in exploitation compromising confidential data. AI poses a growing threat to application security where automation can play a role allowing bad actors to attack at velocity.

How We Solve It

We'll assess your M365 environment and provide security recommendations for:

Key steps and considerations in conducting a cloud security assessment include:

  • Authentication, Access, and Identity Management

  • Auditing & Logs

  • Email Security and Content Management

  • Application Permissions

  • Data Storage Management

  • Mobile Device Management

The Outcome

  • Monthly or one-time assessment Microsoft Cloud environment scan and risk report.

  • Monthly or one-time assessment Microsoft Cloud management plan to mitigate any discovered risks.

  • Audit trail report documenting all changes to the environment and who made them.

  • Microsoft Secure Score trend report that compares your business security against benchmarks.

  • Optional ongoing analysis of cloud environment structure, performance and security.

From data protection and cybersecurity challenges to business continuity and cost control, understanding your M365 cloud environment is key to your organization achieving its business goals.

Key Security Tests



Session management

Data validation

Error handling



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