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Cybersecurity for Schools and Higher Ed!

Cybersecurity plays a critical role in supporting schools, colleges and universities by helping them generate more revenue, reduce expenses, increase profit margins, and mitigate risks.

  • We help Educational Institutions generate more revenue by enhancing student trust and engagement. By ensuring the security of online learning platforms, cybersecurity companies build student trust, leading to higher enrollment in online courses and programs. Securing research data and intellectual property attracts research grants and funding from external agencies and private organizations. Additionally, secure data sharing enables collaborations with other institutions and industries, creating opportunities for joint ventures and new revenue streams.

  • We also help the Educational Institutions to reduce expense by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems, avoiding the costly aftermath of cyberattacks and breaches. Streamlining operations and automating routine security tasks reduces the need for extensive manual oversight, lowering labor costs allowing for more efficient resource allocation avoiding waste and redundancy.

  • Additionally, we help the Educational Institutions to reduce risk by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems to avoid the high costs associated with cyberattacks, data breaches, and ransomware Incident Response and Recovery. Having good cyber hygiene protects the institution against litigation risk for any potential breach of the student contract in the event in-person classes or online learning systems have extended downtime due to an attack.

We Provide

Proactive HIPAA compliant IT services networks

Multi-layered HIPAA compliant cybersecurity framework

Ensure customers follow HITECH regulatory standards

Provide support on various EHR systems

Perform HIPAA Risk & Security Assessments

Cloud Solutions & Office 365

24x7x365 Network & Security Monitoring

Bringing the Future into Focus!