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Your Cybersecurity posture must be healthy!

Attacks against the healthcare industry are at record highs with no sign of let up. Healthcare organizations must ensure they have the security controls and 24x7 monitoring in place to detect and prevent cyber attacks. It's also of paramount importance that employees understand how to spot social engineering campaigns designed to compromise network credentials and gain unauthorized access. The fact is, no organization is immune to cyberattack, but a proactive all-encompassing strategy can mitigate these cyber attacks before they impact the bottom line and violate HIPAA laws. Our HIPAA compliant cybersecurity, risk management & compliance solutions optimize how your networks perform, while ensuring patient information and care is prioritized.

  • We help Healthcare Organizations generate more revenue by enhancing patient trust and engagement. By ensuring the security of patient portals, we help build patient trust, leading to higher adoption rates of digital health services and improved patient engagement. Security assurances enable healthcare providers to offer telemedicine and remote monitoring services, attracting more patients and generating additional revenue. Additionally, ensuring the security of health-related apps and wearables opens up new revenue streams from these innovative technologies.

  • We also help Healthcare Organizations to reduce expense by preventing attacks that can cause longer hospital stays that can potentially impact hospital profit margins in several ways such as increased costs which exacerbates fixed reimbursement rates, strains capacity management and resource allocations. We also reduce cost by streamlining operations and automating routine security tasks requiring extensive manual oversight, lowering labor costs and allowing for more efficient resource allocation avoiding waste and redundancy.

  • Additionally, we help Healthcare Organizations to reduce risk by implementing advanced threat detection and prevention systems to avoid the high costs of incident response and recovery, compliance fines and reputational damage associated data breaches and ransomware.

We Provide

Proactive HIPAA compliant IT services networks

Multi-layered HIPAA compliant cybersecurity framework

Ensure customers follow HITECH regulatory standards

Provide support on various EHR systems

Perform HIPAA Risk & Security Assessments

Cloud Solutions & Office 365

24x7x365 Network & Security Monitoring

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